An Effective Way To Clean Your Registers And Ducts

There are many simple fixes that you can do on your own to repair and improve an inefficient HVAC system. You can do these things before you hire a professional HVAC contractor to service your system. In the end, if these repairs don't solve your problems, you will need to resort to the professionals anyway. But, if you can identify and fix the source of your problems, you could save yourself the cost of an HVAC contractor visit. Not to mention the money you will save in the long run if you improve the efficiency of your system. This article focuses on how to clean your registers and ducts.

Cleaning Register Vents

The first thing to service is your air register vents. These are the easiest point in your HVAC system to clean. The great thing about cleaning your vents is that it will make the air blowing into your house cleaner. By removing dust (even if it does not necessarily improve the airflow) in your vents, you can stop the spread of allergens and mold. Of course, this is the worst case scenario, but if there is moist dust and dirt build up with the register vents, mold can form. The only way to determine if there is serious clogs in your vents is to remove them from the wall. This is a simple task, just remove a couple of screws.

When you pull the register of the wall you should look into the ducts, especially around the edge of the fitting. The area in between the register and duct walls can get very dirty. If there is dust in your ducts and your registers are clogged, the dirt will recirculate into the ducts. Basically, if the dust is being blown around, it is trying to find a way out of the ducts. It will eventually make its way into your home.

A Clever Way to Clean your Ducts

One of the best ways to clean your ducts is to close all of your vents, except the one. This register should be off of the wall. You will also need a shop vac. Hold the shop vac near the output of the vent and then turn it on. At the same time, you should turn on your heater or air conditioner. Either will start to blow air through the ducts, and eventually make its way to the open duct. Your vacuum will soak up all the loose debris.

When this is done, you should continue to remove all of the registers and clean the inside of them. This simple project is very effective. If it doesn't drastically improve your airflow, it will at least give you cleaner ducts. If you need a professional's help, visit Advanced Heating & Air Inc.