The Dirty Facts About Tap Water And Ways A Plumber Can Help

Safe water is a concern for many people. This is why some people resort to drinking bottled water, but the plastic waste created by drinking bottled water is not good for the environment. The following are a few signs that the quality of your tap water may be questionable. 

Your water tastes peculiar.

Most people have drank enough water in their life to distinguish if the water they drink tastes weird. Even people who do not like the taste of water can usually tell when water tastes funny. Perhaps this is something that you recently noticed. Check to see if there are any announcements related to the water in your area. For example, there might be a water advisory to boil water if a water main leak was discovered in your area. Sometimes water tastes peculiar as a result of the minerals added to it. It could also be that the water was not properly treated, and it may have a smell. A plumber can perform a water test if your water tastes weird.

You have soap scum in sinks, showers, or bathtub areas.

Soap scum is indicative of the presence of hard water. It can build up on surfaces and require intense scrubbing and cleaning to remove. It can even leave a film behind on skin, which may cause skin irritation or give skin a dull appearance. Soap scum forms when soap or shampoo mix with hard water. Perhaps you have noticed that your soap and shampoo do not lather. You likely have hard water, and a plumber can install a water softener to aid in soap scum prevention. 

Your hair's health is deteriorating.

If the water in your area is not being properly treated, it may affect the health of your hair. For example, your hair may start to shed badly. Everyone in your home may not have the same reaction to the bad water. When chemical byproducts or minerals mix with tap water, it is also possible for hair loss to occur. Some people initially notice that their hair is more brittle. During wastewater treatment, chemicals are used to rid the water of harmful substances such as bacteria and fungi. Minerals may be added to the water to improve the taste. Filtering your water can aid in removing residual contaminants. A plumber can install a whole house filter for full protection.

Your clothes and linen look dingy after a few washes. 

If your clothes and linens start to look aged after a few washes, it is likely due to hard water. Remember the laundry detergent is a soap, and it cannot lather well in hard water. This also means that it is difficult to fully remove the detergent and dirt from cloth fibers during washing. As a result, clothing and linen may look dull or feel stiff. 

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