The Importance Of Professional HVAC Service

An HVAC system is a complicated, interconnected network of both electrical and gas components. When it is regularly fine-tuned and cleaned, it runs more efficiently and saving the homeowner a little bit of money. If you use your air conditioning during the summer, and your furnace during the winter, the money that you spend in a calendar year can be quite significant. The key to a top functioning residential HVAC system is preventative maintenance and cleaning. That is, if you have your system serviced regularly by licensed technicians, it can save you money over the years. This article explains two of the most common HVAC problems that preventative professional service can help to prevent.

Compressor Maintenance

The compressor is probably one of the most important components when it comes to air conditioning because it is the unit that literally creates the cold air. Obviously, if your compressor is not creating cold air, your AC system and is going to struggle. The problem is that compressors usually fail slowly. If you immediately notice that your air conditioning your AC is no longer producing cold air, it is probably safe to assume that the compressor needs to be replaced. However, if it just seems like your air isn't quite as cold as it used to be, you should have a professional come check it out. There could be other possible causes for your problem, but the compressor is probably what they will look at first. Regardless, they will be able to diagnose your problem and fix it. Often, some adjustments and cleaning can fix your compressor, and can save you from having to buy a completely new one.

Evaporator Maintenance

Another common HVAC problem is that the evaporator system is ineffective, meaning that there is more moisture within the air that is being pumped through the ducts and other components. This can definitely slow down normal HVAC operations and cause problems with the condenser unit and heat pump.

Usually, the evaporator in a split air unit is very connected to the condenser system, so both will be serviced at once. Regardless, the evaporator is a complicated unit and you probably don't want to mess with it yourself unless you have HVAC training. Furnace evaporators are easy to clean but expensive to replace.

It is a perfect example of why investing in preventative measures is ultimately going to save you some money and a possible headache in the future. To learn more, contact a company like GNL Heating and Cooling