Ductless Pumps For Cooling Or Heating: Why?

In your home, if you're not using a main HVAC unit to deliver both cooled air and heat to the house, you're probably using radiators, baseboard units, or window units to do so. Ductless heating pumps can deliver the same comfort to you. Why should you consider pump setups?

1-No Extensive Housework

With other systems, you may have to prepare yourself for days of work to get the HVAC unit set up and have the ducts placed strategically throughout your home. This can mean noise, mess and patience as you want for the entire system to be put together and installed. With heating pumps, the main unit is usually located somewhere in the rear of the home, but only small tubes will need to run around the perimeter of different rooms in the home. Each space will get its own mini- (or "split-") unit that will cool or heat it. Rapid set up and lack of extensive work to the home may be something you appreciate.

The lack of need to work out an extensive framework of ducts may also be enjoyed if you're adding a new bedroom or shower room. As you plan layout, you need not set time aside to go through the logistics of adding new ductwork to the system. You're free to design the space as desired.

2-Lower Costs

Unless you've got critters making a home inside your ducts, the cool air or hot air inside them isn't of use to anyone or anything-but you're paying for it anyway. Traditional HVAC systems must push air throughout the appropriate ducts to reach you. By contrast, ductless pumps compress all that air into the tubes directly from the unit itself and it comes right out the mini-unit. Lack of duct use could lower A/C and overall heating costs.

3-Cleaner Air

Ducts can gather and collect dust which could enter all of your living spaces. Because it's the same system, mold spores from one area could get to another easily. With ductless pumps, mold spores and dust can't freely travel. If mold spores somehow find their way into the tubes going to one space, for instance, there's very little chance that another space will encounter them; they're not connected.

There are justifications for using ductless heating pumps on your property and in your house. HVAC contractors may address your specific living situation to explain how such new systems would run. Contact a company, like Bergmann Heating & Air Conditioning, for more help.