Do You Need To Hire An HVAC Pro? The Top High-Tech And Complex Furnace Installation Questions Answered

What questions should you ask before hiring a furnace installation contractor? If you need a high-tech or complex boiler installation, furnace repairs, or a similar service, take a look at what you need to know first.

How Much Experience Do You Have with Contemporary HVAC Technology?

Do you want to upgrade your old boiler and install a contemporary system? Any HVAC technician you hire should have experience with heating and air conditioning technology. But if your future system uses the latest tech, you need a contractor with this specific type of expertise. Ask your potential contractor about their experience with:

  1. Smart home systems. If you want to use a smart thermostat to control your new heater, make sure the contractor understands this type of system.
  2. New furnace technology. An experienced contractor may know older boilers, but do they have the updated knowledge to work with today's machinery? Your technician of choice should fully understand contemporary heating appliances and how they use technology.
  3. Current best practices. HVAC repair/installation, like any other field, changes over time. Your contractor should participate in professional development to get the most up-to-date knowledge and learn more about current best practices.

Now that you know more about your would-be contractor's experience with modern technology, it's time to turn your attention to the installation itself.

What Does a Complex HVAC Installation Include?

Does your home have complex HVAC needs? From small spaces to solar-powered systems, HVAC installations aren't always easy or straightforward. If your furnace or boiler installation comes with a set of complex issues, ask your potential contractor:

  1. How much experience do you have with this type of system? The contractor should have extensive experience with the type of heater you have or want. If not, continue your HVAC technician search.
  2. How do you handle unexpected problems? A complex system comes with a complex set of problems. The technician should have top-notch critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Again, if not, look for another contractor who does.
  3. Do you have the parts the system requires? Some complex or technically sophisticated systems require uncommon or hard to get parts. The HVAC company you choose to work with should stock or have the ability to locate the correct parts for your system.

Along with these questions, ask the contractor if they're authorized to repair your high-tech or complex heating system. To validate the warranty, you need an authorized company to install/repair their brand's appliances and devices.