Preventing Furnace Breakdowns And Extending Longevity With Annual Maintenance

Some homeowners rarely or never schedule heating system maintenance, which should be done every year. They figure it's unnecessary. Yet going without this annual cleaning, inspection, and adjustment service can actually result in a need for emergency repair service. It also can reduce the equipment's longevity.

Why Maintenance Is Essential

Theoretically, a household might temporarily save some money by not scheduling annual maintenance. But it's like the old saying about paying an affordable amount now or paying a larger amount later.

As the equipment ages, parts start wearing out. During an inspection, a heating technician will see this and show the customer which components should be replaced. If this is not done, the furnace could malfunction and break down.

Emergency service calls are inconvenient and usually are connected with higher fees. It's no surprise that furnaces are more likely to break down on the coldest days of the year, since that is when they experience the most demand.

In addition, without annual cleaning, dirt gradually builds up inside the components. This forces the appliance to work harder and causes deterioration. The furnace might have to be replaced several years sooner than would otherwise have been the case.

Features of Maintenance Service

Annual maintenance service includes a complete inspection, cleaning of the interior parts, and other essential tasks. If any parts have developed corrosion, the technician will clear that away. Corroded electrical wires might need to be replaced. The HVAC technician will evaluate the gas burner for ignition timing and quality of the flame. Lubricating the motor bearings may be needed. Adjusting parts back into their proper place might be done. A test will be run to make sure toxic exhaust fumes are not leaking out.

Household Responsibilities

Homeowners can handle a couple of tasks throughout the year that count as do-it-yourself maintenance. First, someone in the household should check the filter each month and replace the device when it has turned gray due to dust accumulation. The furnace puts forth more effort to move air through a dirty filter. The second task is cleaning the return air register grates so the system doesn't pull excess dust, dirt, and hair down to the filter.

Scheduling the Appointment

It makes sense to schedule maintenance in the fall before winter arrives and the household starts using the furnace frequently. After the appointment, customers can look forward to a heating season with no need for emergency repair service. Contact a company that offers heating maintenance services to learn more.