FAQs About AC Replacement And What It Involves

Most people don't have their air conditioner replaced more than a couple of times in their life, at most. So, if you have to have your AC replaced soon, there's a good chance you're not too familiar with the process. Here are some questions you might have about what's involved and what's included in a central AC replacement.

Will they replace the indoor unit, too?

Usually, the answer to this question is yes. Most air conditioners are what's known as split systems. They consist of an outdoor compressor and an indoor evaporator coil. If you have your air conditioner replaced, it is safe to assume that means replacing both components. The only time an AC contractor will replace one and not the other is if one component fails prematurely and the other is relatively new. Even then, they sometimes replace both units so they match and are compatible.

Do they have to change your ducts?

Most AC replacement jobs don't involve moving or changing any ductwork. Your HVAC contractor may need to add a short section of ductwork to connect to the new AC unit if it's a different size than the old one. Or, they may need to run a new section of ductwork if they put the new AC unit in a different location from the old one. But overall, unless your AC contractor specifically tells you that your ducts need changes for some reason, you can assume this won't be part of your AC replacement.

Will you get a new thermostat?

AC contractors often will replace your thermostat when they replace your air conditioner. This is simply because thermostat technology is always improving, and if you have not gotten a new thermostat since you last upgraded your AC unit, you probably need a new one. Talk to your HVAC contractor about your thermostat options. There are some very usable WiFi thermostats out there these days.

How long will the replacement take?

This varies from job to job, but it's rare for installation to take more than a day. Unless your AC contractor has scheduled multiple days with you, you're safe to assume they'll remove and replace your AC unit within the span of one day.

Hopefully this article has answered some of the major questions you have about AC replacement and what it involves. This is a fairly simple process for most homeowners to go through, thanks to the innovation of HVAC contractors.

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