Repairing Your Home’s Furnace

Unfortunately, it is possible that your home's furnace could experience a wide range of damages and malfunctions that will prevent the system from warming this space. As a result, a homeowner may find that they are needing to have emergency repairs completed.

Problems With The Distribution System For The Heat

A common source of significant problems for a homeowner could be a failure of the system's heat distribution components. If the furnace is not able to distribute the air that it is warming, it may struggle with warming the interior space. Issues with the blower can be a potential source of these issues, but it is also possible for gaps and other issues with the ducting to allow the heat to escape. A thorough inspection of the heating unit will be necessary to determine the ultimate source of the problems that are preventing it from distributing the warmth that it is creating.

Clogged Air Intake Or Flues

Your heating unit will need to have good ventilation if it is to work correctly. In particular, clogged air intakes or flues can both create significant issues for the heating unit. When it comes to air intakes, clogs can cause the system to suffer damage as a result of insufficient air circulation. For heating systems that use combustion, the flue will be necessary for allowing the gas and fumes from the combustion to vent out of the home. While it may be fairly easy for you to clean the exterior of your furnace to clear the air intake, addressing this problem with the flue can be more challenging. The flue can have a clog deep in it that you may not be able to reach. Professional heating contractors may have tools that can reach through the entire flue to clean the interior and break up any clogs that may be starting to form along the lining.

Corroded Pilot Lights Or Burners

Corrosion on the pilot light or burner can prevent your heating unit from producing the warmth that your house is needing. In particular, these components can swell in size as they corrode. This can interfere with the airflow and the supply of fuel. Furthermore, the corrosion can create weak spots in the burners that may be more likely to fail in response to exposure to the intense heat that the burner will experience. Once these components have developed corrosion, they should be replaced to restore the system, and while this may benefit from having a professional complete it, it is a project that will be reasonably affordable when a homeowner needs it.

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