About Central Heating System Problems

A home could reach dangerous temperatures inside when it is freezing, especially a home that has poor insulation and a malfunctioning heating system. Unfortunately, homeowners sometimes experience such a situation due to not getting their heating system repaired before it gets cold outside. If your home is too cold inside for you to feel comfortable, you need to hire an HVAC contractor so the problem can be resolved as soon as possible. The speed of repairing a central heating system depends on the extent of problems that are present. However, contractors can usually repair the majority of problems on the same day.

Why is Air from the Heater Not Getting Hot?

If air from the heating system is not getting hot, the cause could be related to several problems of concern. One problem might be that the flame sensor in the furnace is dirty or damaged. Dirt can be cleaned, but a damaged flame sensor will likely have to be replaced. Another problem that might be a concern is that the pilot does not light, which could be as simple as reigniting it. Electrical problems, a damaged thermostat, dirty coils, and a clogged air filter could also be the cause of heating problems.

Why Would a Heater Need Frequent Repairs?

When a heater needs frequent repairs, it is a sign that it is in the stage of breaking down altogether. However, you should not assume that your heating system is failing, as frequent repairs could also be the result of the repairs not being performed correctly. For example, if you hire a friend who is not a licensed HVAC contractor to make repairs, he or she may not know what actually needs to be repaired. Be sure to get your system thoroughly inspected by a licensed contractor to receive a solid diagnosis and get the proper repairs.

Are Heating System Repairs Affordable?

Heating system repairs are priced based on what is being repaired, which could widely vary. An important part of a furnace is the heat exchanger, and it is one of the costliest parts to repair. The type of furnace being repaired plays a role in the price as well. For example, it might be more to get a gas furnace repaired than one that runs off of electricity. If you need an estimate of what repairs will cost, speak to a contractor so a visit to your home can be scheduled.

For more information on heating system repair, contact a professional near you.