3 Steps To Proper Furnace Maintenance

Properly maintaining your furnace can extend the life of your heating system, improve energy efficiency, and ensure your warranty coverage remains valid. That is why it is so important for all homeowners to ensure furnace maintenance is included in their regular household upkeep. To ensure your furnace is properly maintained, you will need to complete each of the following three steps.

Step #1: Clean Or Replace Your Furnace Filter

Airflow plays an important role in the function of your furnace. If debris is allowed to enter your furnace, your heating system can become clogged and will no longer work properly. That is why these heating systems make use of a filter that prevents debris from getting in. However, these filters can also become clogged over time. That is why you must clean or replace your furnace filter on a regular basis. While most filters will come with a length of time that they are expected to last, there are several factors that can influence how often your filter needs to be cleaned or changed. To determine if your filter needs replacing, simply hold the filter up against the light. If you can no longer easily see through the filter, you need to clean or replace it.

Step #2: Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Dirt and dust, along with other debris can build up inside the ventilation system in your home. Since your heating system relies on this ventilation to circulate the air produced by your furnace, it is important to have these ducts cleaned regularly. Not only is this maintenance step good for your furnace, but it also helps to improve the air quality inside your home. This can be especially important for individuals with respiratory issues or allergies. 

Step #3: Have Your Furnace Professionally Inspected And Maintained

While the short-term maintenance on your furnace can be easily completed on a DIY basis, you will want to turn to an HVAC contractor for more in-depth maintenance before the beginning of each heating season. This professional maintenance is often required while your furnace is under warranty since it can go a long way toward preventing unnecessary repairs. Having your furnace professionally inspected and maintained will also eliminate any buildup that can impact how energy efficient your heating system is. This can result in significant energy savings throughout the entire heating season. For many homeowners, these savings will offset the cost of their furnace maintenance. 

For more information on furnace maintenance, contact a professional near you.