Signs You Require Attic Insulation Replacement

An attic is a space directly below your roofing and above your ceiling. You can use the area for storage or convert the attic into a bedroom. However, you need to insulate your attic to prevent heat loss from your home. But, the insulation may wear down as it gets old. Also, the insulation may get damaged by weather elements. While attic insulation repair may work, sometimes the damage is severe, calling for a replacement. So, when should you perform attic insulation replacement? Here are the telltale signs.

Ice Dam Formation   

An ice dam is an ice sheet that usually forms on the roof due to temperature inconsistencies. This may be due to heat loss from your roof, causing some roof parts to be warmer than others. When the roof is warm, snow melts. The water moving across the roof may settle on a cold roof section, resulting in freezing. The ice prevents snow water from draining from your roof, resulting in leakage. Hence, to eliminate ice dam problems, you may need to replace your attic's insulation to maintain uniform roof temperatures.

High Energy Costs

Attic insulation minimizes heat loss or gain via the roof. Unfortunately, insulation damage reduces your insulation's efficiency. This increases energy expenses as you may keep your heating or cooling units running for more hours. Therefore, if you notice an unexplained rise in energy consumption, this may indicate severe attic damage. A roof inspection can help reveal the extent of your attic insulation's damage. You may require a new attic insulation installation if the damage is unrepairable.

Mold Growth

Roof leakage may result in excess moisture inside your attic. This may encourage mold growth. Remember that molds can destroy your insulation, reducing your house's energy efficiency. Likewise, mold spores can trigger allergies in your pets or home occupants. Furthermore, severe mold growth may cause your home to smell musty, reducing indoor comfort. In such cases, attic insulation replacement may be necessary.

Pest Infestation

Attic insulation keeps outside elements from accessing your house through the roof. Thus, if pests such as bugs are in your attic, this may signify insulation problems. For example, your insulation may have larger tears that act as pest entry points. Attic insulation replacement may provide a permanent solution for your pest problem.

The indicators of attic insulation replacement include high energy expenses, ice dams, pests, and molds. Consider installing new attic insulation when you see these signs.