Home Cooling System Repairs That Might Be Needed When Your AC Isn’t Cooling Your Home

Air conditioning is hard to go without in the summer. It gets hot and stuffy fast inside your house, and you may not feel safe opening windows to use fans. You'll want quick repairs so your home cools down again.

There are some serious as well as minor problems that can cause your cooling system to malfunction. Here are some things to consider and the type of home cooling system repairs you might need.

Consider Problems With The Air Handler

If you think about what could go wrong with the air handler, a dirty filter might come to mind. Check it so you can change it before you call the home cooling repair company. Another thing that could go wrong is having ice on the evaporator coil. Check the coil for ice if you feel comfortable doing so.

If you see ice, turn off the AC so the ice can melt, and call an AC repair company for advice. Another major part of the air handler that might be malfunctioning is the blower. If the motor is malfunctioning, the blower won't blow air through your system.

Some home cooling system repairs that might be needed in the air handler include replacing a bad blower motor and troubleshooting why ice formed on the coil. The repair technician may need to plug a refrigerant leak and fill the refrigerant.

Think About What Can Go Wrong With The Condenser

The condenser has a fan too, and if the motor is failing, the fan won't work. The fan keeps the condenser cool, and that's important for the refrigerant to work properly. The AC technician may need to put in a new fan motor or a new capacitor to get the fan running again.

There are also refrigerant lines and a coil in the condenser. The AC technician may check them for damage and make repairs if needed. Another part the repair technician may check is the compressor. If it's bad, the compressor will need to be replaced to cycle the refrigerant properly.

Check The Outdoor Temperature Too

If your AC is running but not keeping you cool, one reason could be an extremely high outdoor temperature. When there's a heatwave, your AC may not be able to keep your home as cool as you like.

Call your AC service to discuss the problem. They might advise you to turn up the thermostat so the AC will cycle off more often rather than let it run longer to reach a cooler temperature. This won't cool your house down, but it might spare your equipment strain and damage. If the problem is outdoor temperatures during a heatwave, your AC should start functioning normally once the temperature drops back to normal.

Contact a home cooling system repair service to learn more.