Replace That Rotting Insulation Around Your Outside AC Pipes Today

If the insulation that is surrounding the tubing or pipes connecting the outside component of your air conditioning system to your home has become worn out or rotted, make sure you change the insulation. This will help keep your tubing safe and working at maximum capacity.

Poor Insulation Leads To Higher Energy Costs

When the lines running from your outside air conditioning unit to the inside of your house are not properly insulated, condensation forms on the outside of the lines. This condensation is caused by the difference in temperature between the air in the line and the outside air temperature. The formation of the condensation represents a loss of energy due to the difference in temperature between the line and the outside air.

The best way to prevent this loss of energy is by making sure that your AC lines are properly insulated.

Remove Damaged Insulation

The first thing you need to do is remove the damaged insulation. This should be pretty easy; you'll just have to peel off all the old foam insulation. If you have a hard time getting a starting point, use a razor blade to very carefully create a slit so you can pull off the old rotted insulation. Be very careful to only cut through the insulation and not through the pipe itself.

Measure The Width Of the Insulation

You will need to measure the width of the tubing in order to purchase new insulation. You can take the old insulated and use a tape measure to measure the width of the insulation that was previously used. This measurement would work if the insulation was snug on the pipe when it was initially put on.

If the original insulation never fit well, you may want to re-measure the pipe to get an accurate reading. You will also need to measure how long the pipes are so that you order the correct length of insulation as well.

Order The Insulation

You will need to order the insulation from refrigeration or air conditioning supplier as well as some insulating tape. Make sure the insulation you order is specifically designed for AC pipes and not for other types of pipes.

Installing The New Insulation

Once the new insulation arrives, you'll only need to take about fifteen to twenty minutes to install it. First, you will want to measure the length of the AC pipe again, and cut the insulation down to size. Leave a couple of extra inches though just in cause your measurements were off at all.

Then, open up the foam (it should have a slit down the entire length of the insulation), and place it over the air conditioning pipe. Make sure that the insulation runs all the way up to the edge of your house as well as the edge of the air conditioning unit; none of the pipe should be exposed.

Once you are confident about the placement of the insulation, remove the adhesive liner that runs down the slit in the insulation, and press the seam together. This should glue the insulation together. You can also wrap the insulation in insulation tape to ensure that it is well sealed.

Go outside and measure the air conditioning pipe and order new insulation. It will only take you a few minutes to install the new insulation once it arrives, and it will reduce your energy costs right away. For assistance, talk to a professional like Bill's Heating & Air Conditioning.