Protect And Maintain Your AC Condenser This Fall And Winter

The hot weather may be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean that your air conditioner maintenance responsibilities have ceased. Protecting your air conditioner is a year-round job. These tips will help you protect and maintain your air conditioner this fall and winter, during its off season.

Clear Away Dry Leaves and Dead Plants

Dry leaves and dead plants from this year's growing season can become caught in the fins and on the inside of your air conditioner condenser. When detritus from your fading garden builds up inside the condenser, a thick coating of dry grit can form on the coils. Over time, this buildup of grime can cause your air conditioner condenser to lose efficiency.

To protect your unit, keep the dry leaves and plants away from the condenser fins. Pull up dead plants and clear a space around your air conditioner condenser. Rake the area around your garden throughout autumn.

Clean the Air Conditioner at the End of Autumn

Even if you manage to keep dry leaves and plants away from the unit, some dirt and organic debris may still build up inside the air conditioner condenser. Wait until the end of the fall to clean out the condenser. To clean out the unit, cut the power to the condenser and use a screw driver to remove the cover. Next, spray the inside and fins of the condenser with a strong jet from a hose. When this is done, replace the cover on your air conditioner. 

Cover Your Condenser the Smart Way

Some homeowners use an air conditioner cover to protect their condenser during the wet fall and winter months. Unfortunately, air conditioner covers can trap moisture inside your unit, and that can cause the metal to become rusted. For many air conditioners, an air conditioner cover is simply unnecessary and counter productive. However, if your AC sits below a part of your home where icicles frequently form in winter, you can protect your air conditioner from falling icicles by placing a simple wooden board over the top of the condenser. This cover won't trap moisture inside your unit but will still protect the mechanical parts inside the condenser.

For more information about how you can protect and maintain your air conditioner this fall and winter, speak with an HVAC professional like Mike's Bremen Service Inc. He or she will be able to give you tips and can also service your air conditioner now that the long, hot summer is over.