Diagnosing Frequent Moisture Problems In A Commercial Bakery Cooler

In a commercial kitchen, the cooler unit is always one of the most crucial components, but in a bakery, the necessity of a properly functioning cooler goes even further. The stability of cakes and other bakery goods will constantly rely on an adequate cooler for storage until customers pick up their orders. Any excess moisture can be a huge burden, ruining orders and costing you profit. If you are having issues with excess moisture in your bakery cooler, there is no time to delay. You should get to know what some of the most consistent signs of moisture problems are and what you can do to rectify the situation.

Problem: You consistently find dripped water on your products.

Cause and Solution: Whether it is a massive wedding cake or a small sheet cake for a birthday, one drop of moisture onto the icing can cause huge problems, diluting food coloring and compromising the stability of frosting or fondant. If you are always finding water drips have ruined your creations, there is a good chance that you have condensation issues inside of your cooler. In a lot of cases, this is relative to problems with too much warm air making its way inside of the cooler. This could be from leaving the cooler door open for too long or door seals and flaps that are broken or missing.

Problem: Products stored in the cooler seem to absorb excess moisture.

Cause and Solution: When you store finished products in the cooling unit only to find later that they have completely changed in consistency, there is no question that you have moisture problems in your cooler, specifically moisture that is in the form of humidity levels. Unfortunately, this is a sign that the filtration system is not appropriately pulling moisture from the air as it is cooled, which will often call for a fan or motor replacement. If you are lucky and tend to the problem quickly, you may be able to get by with just a thorough cleaning, as blocked air flow can cause the same issues with moisture elimination.

Moisture may be the enemy in your bakery cooler system, but with a bit of knowledge and the right help from a professional, you can easily get rid of the issue right away. Talk to a commercial cooler repair company like Pro-Staff Mechanical Inc for any help with problems that you cannot diagnose on your own.