How To Clean The Fan Compartment

Over the years, your air conditioner will inevitably become less energy efficient. The actual air conditioning unit can get dirty and clogged. In fact, if this happens, it does not necessarily mean that that there is anything wrong with your air conditioner. It just needs to be cleaned. This article explains how to effectively clean out the fan compartment of an exterior air conditioner for a building with central air.

Cleaning out the Fan Compartment

First, you want to make sure the power is completely unplugged or shut off. Many air conditioners don't have a traditional power plug. To cut the power, you will need to switch the breaker. This is very important because the fan can be very sharp, so it is very dangerous if the power comes back on while you're working inside the compartment.

Once the power is turned off, you can safely work on the fans. First, you will need a ratchet wrench to remove the protective cage. Remove the top bolt that secures the fan and make sure you don't lose any of the metal bushings. The fan should slide right off of the mount as you pull upward.

Clean underneath the fan thoroughly with a hose vacuum. Make sure you reach all the way to the bottom of the compartment, because that is where dirt and leaves will settle. If leaves pile up high enough, they can clog the output hose that leads into the duct system. Also, wipe off any dust or dirt buildup on the underside of the fan blades.

Clean the Output Pipe Too

In order to determine if there is a serious obstruction on your units output pipe, you may need to remove the hose on the exterior side of the unit. Since the output pipe is usually near the bottom of the compartment, it can be hard to see and access from the inside of the compartment. So, just remove the pipe by loosening the hose clamp around the hose on the outside. Remove the end of the hose and use a flashlight to look inside. You can snake your hose vacuum deep inside to suck out any clogs. When you reattach the hose clamp it might be helpful to tape over it with duct tape. Any air that leaks through this juncture is basically wasted money.

When everything is cleaned out, you can put the unit back together. Don't forget the fan bushings! You AC unit might be as powerful as ever after a simple fan cleaning.

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