2 Methods For Reducing Airborne Allergens Throughout Your Home

Allergies can make your life a little harder, especially if they cause breathing problems of any kind. For this reason, you want to look into different ways of removing airborne allergens from your home.

Clean the Ductwork

The ductwork is one area some people may forget to clean on a routine basis. The problem with not cleaning it is that all manner of allergens can become stuck inside the ductwork and flow back into your home.

To deal with this problem, you should have a duct cleaning company come out and clean it thoroughly. The simplest and quickest method this type of company offers is to vacuum out the ductwork. This option works well for removing loose debris such as hair, pet dander and pollen. However, it does not always remove the extremely small particles that can stick to the sides of the ductwork.

A more thorough method involves the company using both a high-powered brush and vacuum. As the brush whirls around inside the ductwork, it removes most of the particles, no matter their size, from the space. The vacuum then sucks up the debris and removes it completely, thus leaving your ductwork clean so that the airborne allergens do not go back into your home through the vents.

Install New Vacuum Filters

Your current vacuum may also be responsible for some of the issues you are having with allergens. Many vacuums usually rely on one or more filters to remove small particles from the air. As the machine pulls up the debris, it also pulls in air that needs to come out as well. This process can however create a problem when the filters become over used, as dirty filters both trap fewer particles and cause the vacuum's motor to work harder, so installing new ones may be the best course of action.

Even if you have a vacuum that has washable filters, they can still wear out over time. You want to inspect the ones your vacuum has and look for small tears or holes that affect how well they work. If any damage is found, it is best to buy and install new ones, which will help improve the amount of allergens your vacuum removes from your home.

Dealing with airborne allergens is easier if you know how to get them out of your home. By cleaning your ductwork and installing new vacuum filters, you will have an easier time reducing the amount of allergens that float around your home.