3 Strategies For Keeping a Room Warm While Your Heater is Repaired

Having your heater stop working on a cold day can be a disaster, especially when you have to wait around home all day for the repair technician to show up and fix your heater. If your heater is down, here are a few tricks for staying warm until the technician shows up.

Stay In One Room

The first thing you should do is pick one or two rooms in your house where you want to hang out until the heater repair technician arrives and fixes your heater. It will be easier for you to focus on keeping a single room or two warm instead of your entire house warm while you wait for the technician to arrive. 

You should pick a room that you can easily seal off from the rest of the house to hang out in. Ideally, the room should have windows facing the sun. 

The Window

What you do with the windows depends upon the types of windows and the direction they are facing. If the sun is currently hitting the windows, you may want to open the blinds or curtains and let the light in. The sunlight will help to keep the room warm.

If the windows are not being directly hit by the sun, then you want to close the blinds and the curtains. This will help keep the heat inside of the room and keep it warm. 

Make sure that the windows are latched shut. If any air leaks out from around the window, as a temporary measure, place a rolled up towel around the base of the window to keep out any cold air that is leaking in. 

The Doors

Next, shut any doors leading into the room where you are hanging out. You should also shut the doors throughout your house. This will help keep the heat in the room that is in it already. 

For the particular room where you are keeping warm, roll up a towel and place it at the bottom of the door. This will keep all the warm air that is already in the room in there until your heater is repaired. 

Make Some Heat

Finally, you can stay warm by making a little heat. Lighting a few candles, and placing them in safe locations, will add a little heat to the room where you are staying. If you have a small space heater, you can plug that in as well. Space heaters work best when used to heat up a small space.

If you do find, or have found, yourself in a pinch, contact a local professional as soon as possible, such as United Heating & Air Conditioning, to get your heater repaired quickly and ensure that your home is at a comfortable temperature.