3 Types Of Space Heaters And How They Compare To A Central HVAC System

Some people question why they should get an HVAC system installed in their home when there are inexpensive space heaters to buy. However, these heaters are limited where heat distribution is concerned, they are not very efficient, and sometimes, they are not all that safe. Here is a look at a few of the types of space heaters and why they can't measure up to a full-on central heating system. 

Kerosene Space Heaters

Kerosene space heaters were one of the first types of space heaters people could buy back before HVAC systems were installed in homes. These heaters have a tank at the base that holds kerosene, a wick inside that absorbs the kerosene, and usually a cylindrical shape to radiate the heat when the kerosene heater is burning. These heaters can do a good job of providing heat, but they have no exhaust system; the fumes from the burned kerosene will fill the house.

A central heating system is not going to generate these kinds of fumes and will heat the home more consistently. Plus, buying kerosene can grow to be quite expensive in comparison to something like natural gas or electricity to power a furnace.  

Convection Space Heaters 

Convection space heaters have this radiant heat transfer oil inside, to heat up the surface area of the heater and then heat the rest of the space. These heaters do a fairly good job of heating a small space, but they are not the most efficient heaters at all. They still have to have electric power to function, and convection space heaters get hot to the touch, which can be an issue if you have little ones. Naturally, an HVAC system is not going to generate these kinds of problems; they heat the entirety of your home, have no risks to little ones in the house, and are more efficient overall. 

Basic Electric Space Heaters 

Electric space heaters have an electric coil that heats up and a fan that blows behind that heated coil to fill a room with heat. These forced-air heaters are the most expensive to operate because they consume a lot of electricity in spite of the fact that they are the least expensive to buy. Basic space heaters are also one of the number one causes of household fires.

In order to heat an entire home with regular space heaters, you would have to have one in pretty much every room of the house. By far, a furnace is going to be far more efficient, using less energy and giving your home consistent temperatures. 

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