Steps On How To Clean Your Air Conditioning Filter

One of the crucial maintenance routines for an AC unit is cleaning its filter. How you carry out this practice determines if the AC unit will function properly or not. This appliance looks terrible if not cleaned regularly, and its dirty filter doesn't keep foreign particles away from your living space.

Cleaning the unit also means lower running costs and better energy efficiency. When these particles accumulate in the filter and other parts of the unit, it works extra hard and uses more energy to maintain excellent airflow. You can contact an air conditioning service expert to help you clean the air conditioner. However, if you have decided to do it alone, here's how what you should know.

Step 1: Follow Manufacturer's Manual and Remove the Filter

Before removing the filter, read the manufacturer manual to determine if it is possible to remove dirt from the whole unit. Some units have filters you should not clean. Instead, they can only be thrown away after a certain period and replaced by a new one. Read the AC's manual first to know if it is right to wash the filter.

If cleaning is possible, turn the air conditioner off. Doing so prevents unfiltered air from entering your home. Then, locate the filter by looking along the length of the return duct and remove it.

Step II: Vacuum It

If you can see visible dust on the AC filter, use a vacuum to suck these particles. Do this for all the filters in the unit. While taking this step, flip the filter and vacuum all sides. However, you may remove the filter and find little or no dust and other particles, especially if you regularly clean this part of your AC unit.

Step III: Wash It

If some particles still cling to the filter after vacuuming, wash it. Pour water into the basin and soak the filter for at least an hour. If the particles don't come out after an hour, leave it for about two more hours, then remove the filter and dry it. If the filter is too large for the basin, hose it down. While spraying, reduce the hose pressure to avoid damaging the filter. After that, let it dry.

Step IV: Reinsert

Once it is clear of particles and is dry, reinsert it into your AC unit. Follow the manufacturer guidelines on replacing the filter.

Overall, it's important to clean your AC unit's filter regularly to rid it of accumulated foreign particles. These particles lead to dust accumulation in the house and high electricity bills. Follow the steps mentioned above if you have decided to clean your filter. For more information, contact an AC contractor