3 Warning Signs Of A Major AC Malfunction

Most modern homeowners rely heavily on their air-conditioning systems to stay cool during the summer months. To suddenly lose access to a functional air conditioner can result in a very uncomfortable living space.

A lot of the problems that occur within your AC system will be minor, but there are a few potential malfunctions that could spell disaster.

Learn to recognize these warning signs so that you can invest in immediate air-conditioning repairs to restore the performance and efficiency of your AC system.

1. Your AC System Is Blowing Warm Air

The last thing you expect to feel when you turn on your air conditioner is warm air blowing through your vents. An air conditioner that is blowing warm air is trying to tell you that it's time to clean the condenser coils.

The condenser coils are responsible for using liquid refrigerant to draw heat out of the air supply that is sucked into the compressor. With the heat removed, the air is cooled and distributed throughout your home. If the condenser coils are dirty, the efficient exchange of heat cannot occur.

You should contact your HVAC technician for immediate repairs to prevent dirty condenser coils from causing your AC unit to overheat.

2. Your AC Unit Won't Turn On

Worse than warm air coming through your vents when you flip your AC system on is no air being pushed into your home at all. An AC system that fails to turn on could have a blower motor that has burned out.

The blower is responsible for moving air through the AC unit. Without a functional blower motor, no air enters or exits the air conditioner.

If you haven't changed the air filter in your AC unit for a while, this could explain the blown motor. Dirty filters cause the blower motor to work harder to move air. Eventually, the motor is overloaded and fails.

Your HVAC technician will need to replace the motor to get your AC system functional once again.

3. Water Leaks From Your AC Unit

You should never see water leaking from any components within your AC unit. Water leaks are usually caused by clogs in the condensate drain line.

The water droplets that collect on the condenser coils during the heat exchange process are collected and directed to a drain pan by the condensate drain line. The water sits in the drain pan until it evaporates, preventing any type of leak.

If you see water pooling near your AC unit, contact an HVAC technician to clear out your condensate drain line.