3 Explanations Why Your Air Conditioner Keeps Running When Shut Down

Air cooling units come in handy, especially during the hot summer months. However, having a system that runs continuously can be frustrating and costly. There are many causes of an air conditioner unit that is operating even after being turned off. In some cases, the problem might be something small that can be fixed easily, while other times, it may indicate bigger problems in your home. Regardless, you should have a professional AC repair contractor inspect the system and fix the problem. Below are some common explanations for why your air conditioner may keep running and won't turn off.

Your Regulator Is Faulty

A faulty regulator can result in many problems. For instance, your air conditioner may run repeatedly and fail to shut down. This is usually because, with time, the temperature regulator experiences some form of wear and loses accuracy. This consequently disrupts the communication between the regulator and the air conditioner. Additionally, there could be an issue with the temperature sensors, making it hard for the temperature regulator to detect the accurate room temperature. So, your system will keep working to reach the required temperature to no avail. If this happens, engage a professional AC contractor to examine the regulator and fix it for you. 

You Have A Small Aircon

Choosing the right air conditioner size for your home is essential in guaranteeing its efficiency. Therefore, if your air conditioner is undersized, it will work relentlessly in an attempt to cool the room. A constantly running system means increased energy bills as well as operating costs. That said, it is vital to consider the sizing and efficacy of a unit before installing it. Get the help of an AC specialist if you are not sure of the right unit size for your house. They will measure your living space and determine the right system size.

Your System Has An Electrical Issue

Your AC is made up of many electrical components. Therefore, many things can go wrong with any of the components. For instance, the component that provides power to the compressor can be damaged. This may jam the switch and consequently give continuous power to the air conditioner. In this case, you will need an AC repair technician to examine the wiring in your system and repair it. 

Aircon systems are similar to any other machine. They are subjected to normal wear and will need repair at some point. If your air conditioner is running continuously even after switching it off, it's advisable to contact a local AC repair technician to inspect and repair your system.