Why Isn’t Your Home Keeping The Temperature Comfortable In The Winter?

Is your home struggling to maintain the temperature set on your thermostat? This can be a frustrating way to spend the winter when you just want to snuggle up and be cozy. Sometimes, leaky windows or a lack of insulation are to blame. But if you've ruled those things out, then your issue probably comes down to a problem with the furnace. Here are some common furnace problems that cause a home not to maintain a comfortable temperature in the winter.

Electrical Issues

There is a wired connection between your thermostat and the furnace. If this connection gets disrupted – for example, if a mouse chews one of the wires and it shorts out – then your furnace may not be getting all of the "turn on" messages from your thermostat. A furnace repair contractor can come to examine the wiring and replace any wiring that shows damage. In the worst-case scenario, they may need to replace your thermostat, which is still a pretty minor repair.

Clogged Filters

When was the last time you changed your air filter? If it was more than a month or two ago, head to your hardware store and buy a new filter. As grime and dust build up on a furnace filter, it becomes harder for your furnace to push air through the filter. The furnace may overheat and turn itself off as a safety measure before your home gets warm enough. A new, clean filter can put an end to this issue.

Blocked Ducts

It is also possible that there is something in the ducts restricting airflow to one or more of your heating vents. An HVAC contractor can send a camera down into the ducts to locate any obstructions. They can then pull out any debris or items that are preventing the heat from circulating.

Damaged Burner

It's also possible that your furnace burner is either damaged or in poor condition. This will cause it not to burn as hot as it could or should. An HVAC tech can clean the burner or make the necessary adjustments to it. If the burner is rusted or otherwise badly damaged, your best bet may be to get a new furnace as replacing the burner is a fairly expensive endeavor.

If your home is not keeping the temperature comfortable in the winter, take a look at your HVAC system. A heating repair technician can look it over and recommend the necessary repairs and changes.