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Three Ways To Have A Woodburning Fire In Your Livingroom

If you have always loved the idea of having a roaring (or cozy) fire in your living room, then you have three basic options. They are: woodburning stoves, potbelly stoves, or fireplaces. Each has it's own benefits and drawbacks. To help you go ahead and make a better choice, here is a brief overview of what the different options are like. Glass Fronted Woodburning Stove A woodburning stove is hooked up to a long pipe chimney. Read More 

2 Air Handler Parts That Can Impair The Functionality Of The Blower Fan

The air handler is the interior portion of your central air conditioner's split system, completed by the condensing unit outside. Typically located within the furnace, the air handler contains an inlet valve, evaporator coils, a drip pan, and a blower fan that all work in conjunction to ensure the refrigerant fuel entering the system provides your home with cooled air. The blower fan provides the vital role of blowing warm air across the cooled evaporator coils, then pushing that air out into your home. Read More 

How To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Central Air Unit

There's a lot of life in your central air system. You have a lot of control over whether your AC will last as long as it should, or not. If you're not careful, you can actually shorten your AC's lifespan. Conversely, you can also increase it. Here's what you need to know about your AC's longevity. The Life of Your AC Is Affected by Its Parts Your central air consists of various parts working in concert. Read More 

The Dirty Facts About Tap Water And Ways A Plumber Can Help

Safe water is a concern for many people. This is why some people resort to drinking bottled water, but the plastic waste created by drinking bottled water is not good for the environment. The following are a few signs that the quality of your tap water may be questionable.  Your water tastes peculiar. Most people have drank enough water in their life to distinguish if the water they drink tastes weird. Read More 

2 Condensing Unit Issues That Can Interfere With Your Central AC’s Functionality

Central air conditioning systems have a condensing unit outside your home that serves as the starting point for the cooling process. The condensing unit receives the signal from your thermostat to cool, starts up a compressor to pump gas refrigerant into condenser coils, and then the coils change the gas to a liquid so it can travel inside and finish the cooling process. Problems in the condensing unit can stop your air conditioning system's cooling process before it even has a chance to start. Read More