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Reasons To Hire Skilled HVAC Techs For Commercial Refrigerator Repairs

As a convenience store owner, you rely on your refrigerators and freezers to work properly. These appliances are vital to your ability to store food and beverages at the right temperatures and sell safe products to your customers. However, these appliances are also susceptible to damage that time and wear can bring. You can get them back up and running fast by hiring professional HVAC technicians who are trained and capable of offering a vast array of commercial refrigerator repairs. Read More 

Steps On How To Clean Your Air Conditioning Filter

One of the crucial maintenance routines for an AC unit is cleaning its filter. How you carry out this practice determines if the AC unit will function properly or not. This appliance looks terrible if not cleaned regularly, and its dirty filter doesn't keep foreign particles away from your living space. Cleaning the unit also means lower running costs and better energy efficiency. When these particles accumulate in the filter and other parts of the unit, it works extra hard and uses more energy to maintain excellent airflow. Read More 

Four Types Of Air Filtration Systems You Should Know About

Improving the quality of air indoors is essential in improving your respiratory health. According to the EPA, the quality of air indoors is usually 2 to 5 times worse than the air outside due to the construction materials used in homes. Studies also show that most people spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, thereby increasing the rate of exposure. Air filtration systems aim to reduce contaminants in the home. These residential filtration systems can be fitted to your heating or cooling unit with little or no modifications. Read More 

2 Signs Your Home’s Central A/C Unit Is Leaking Refrigerant

If you have noticed that your home is not cooling off as well as it should, you may start to suspect that the refrigerant level may be low. However, since the refrigerant runs through a closed system and is not used up like gas in your car, a low level is a strong indicator for a leak somewhere in the unit. If you believe that this may be the case, look for the following signs that your home's central A/C unit is leaking refrigerant. Read More 

How An Air Conditioning Repair Service Helps When Your AC Leaks Due To Drainage Problems

Your air conditioner has two jobs. One is to cool your home, and the other is to lower humidity in your house. The AC lowers humidity through the process of condensation. The condensation should flow outdoors or to a drain and not be a problem, but sometimes the condensation doesn't drain properly, and you might notice foul odors, see water around the AC, or your AC might shut down. This is how your AC is supposed to deal with condensation, the problems condensation can cause, and the types of repairs your equipment could need. Read More