Don’t Try This At Home: Why You Need A Professional For Your Heating And Cooling Repairs

If you're having trouble with your HVAC system, you need to hire a professional heating and cooling service to take care of the repairs for you. Your HVAC system is not something that you should be attempting to take care of as a do-it-yourself project. Unless you're just trying to replace the filter, you're going to need an expert to care for your HVAC system. Here are just four things that could go wrong if you try to take care of your own HVAC repairs. Read More 

Should You Update Your Air Registers?

All of the air registers connected to your ducts should always be easy to open and close. Importantly, you should also try to remember to actually do this. That is, some people never open or close their air registers, which is a big mistake. You can't expect your airflow to be maximized to its full potential if all of your registers are open or closed. Simply put, some registers don't need to be open all the way, or they at least need to be adjusted so that the air is actually blowing in the right direction. Read More 

The Importance Of Professional HVAC Service

An HVAC system is a complicated, interconnected network of both electrical and gas components. When it is regularly fine-tuned and cleaned, it runs more efficiently and saving the homeowner a little bit of money. If you use your air conditioning during the summer, and your furnace during the winter, the money that you spend in a calendar year can be quite significant. The key to a top functioning residential HVAC system is preventative maintenance and cleaning. Read More 

How To Clean Your Furnace Cabinet And Tape Your Air Ducts

There are a few things you can do to maximize airflow so you can heat your house more evenly. You don't need to invest in supplemental heating sources, like ductless heat pumps or space heaters to add heat to your home. Instead, you should first try to improve the efficiency of your furnace and duct system. This article explains how you can make your furnace more efficient and your ducts more airtight. Read More 

Don’t Wait For An AC Repair: Why You Need Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

When your home cooling system needs an AC repair you're on top of it. Whether there's water dripping where it shouldn't be, warm air coming through the vents (instead of the expected cool air) or loud knocking noises that won't go away, hesitation isn't something that you would ever do when your air conditioner isn't working properly. Even though you jump to call in reinforcements when something is wrong, what do you do when everything is going right? Read More