Do You Really Have to Refrigerant Leak? 4 Signs to Tell

The refrigerant plays a major role in the functioning of the air conditioning system. A leak here, if left unchecked, can contribute to health issues, in addition to preventing you from enjoying your space. It may be difficult to detect such a leak, but some signs can alert you of a leaking air conditioner. These signs include: 1. Strange Noises from the Air Conditioner The refrigerant, which is a pressurized gas, is likely leaking if you hear a hissing sound coming from the air conditioner. Read More 

Chill Out This Summer With A Cool Pool

When's the last time you took a summer dip in a pool expecting refreshing cool water and ended up hotter than ever before? The gist of the science is that water gets hot when the sun excites its molecules, creating energy. It's the same principle as heating a pan of cool water on your stove. Throw some ice in your pan and the water cools off. Filling a pool with ice doesn't work well in a larger, commercial swimming pool. Read More 

What Makes HVAC System Design So Complex?

If you're building a new home or adding an entirely new HVAC system to an existing one, you might be surprised at how much time and work goes into planning the system. Can't you just perform a simple square footage calculation and move on? Of course, the answer is a solid "no." Both residential and commercial HVAC systems require substantial and sophisticated design work. While whole textbooks exist on the subject of HVAC design, it can be instructive to learn a little about what goes into this process to understand why planning is so critical. Read More 

Gas Furnace Short Cycling Is Often Caused By Flame Sensor Problems

If your gas furnace is suddenly shutting off almost as soon as it turns on, it has a condition known as short cycling. If your furnace short cycles, it may not warm your house very well. It might also trigger a safety mechanism that turns the furnace off completely. A few things can cause your furnace to shut off too soon, and a common reason is a problem with the flame sensor. Read More 

How Do You Deal With Dead Vermin Inside Your Air Conditioner?

It's often your sense of smell that alerts you when something is amiss with your air conditioner. Most of the time, this isn't especially concerning. A musty smell can indicate mildew, while also suggesting it might be time to have the unit cleaned and generally serviced. A putrid smell can be more disconcerting—not only suggesting that rodents or other vermin may have found their way inside your ducts, but that they may have died while in there. Read More