Heat Pump Or AC Unit?

Choosing Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, or HVAC, equipment for your home should not be a matter of passing concern. Instead, you should focus on the long-term effects that your choice could have. If you buy an AC unit, you force yourself into the need to buy a separate heating element, usually a furnace. On the other hand, if you buy a heat pump, you gain one piece of equipment that should be able to handle both your heating and cooling needs. Read More 

How To Clean The Fan Compartment

Over the years, your air conditioner will inevitably become less energy efficient. The actual air conditioning unit can get dirty and clogged. In fact, if this happens, it does not necessarily mean that that there is anything wrong with your air conditioner. It just needs to be cleaned. This article explains how to effectively clean out the fan compartment of an exterior air conditioner for a building with central air. Read More 

Tips for Identifying a Ventilation Blockage

Ventilation plays a pretty big role in climate control for your home. Without it, central heating and air conditioning would be incredibly ineffective. A problem with your ventilation system could easily cause you a big headache, so here are are some tips that you should use if you suspect that your ventilation isn't working properly. Identify the Location of the Problem If you suspect that you have a blockage in your vents, then it can be pretty hard to narrow the location down. Read More 

Keeping Your Home At A Comfortable Temperature For Less

When it comes to heating and cooling the inside of your home, you should be able to keep it at a comfortable temperature without spending a huge amount of extra money on your energy bill. There are quite a few simple changes you can make around your home that will help you to keep your home at a comfortable temperature without huge bills or added wear to your system. This article will provide you with simple tips you can follow: Read More 

Diagnosing Frequent Moisture Problems In A Commercial Bakery Cooler

In a commercial kitchen, the cooler unit is always one of the most crucial components, but in a bakery, the necessity of a properly functioning cooler goes even further. The stability of cakes and other bakery goods will constantly rely on an adequate cooler for storage until customers pick up their orders. Any excess moisture can be a huge burden, ruining orders and costing you profit. If you are having issues with excess moisture in your bakery cooler, there is no time to delay. Read More